A situation, a moment, an experience happens. Time passes and the moment has gone. A regret or a sense of thankfulness remains… people move on, but I stay where I am.

I exit a situation, an when I return there’s a hope that I’ll be able to slot in, and pick up where I left off. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you come back to a situation feeling more left out than not being in a situation at all.

Then on the other hand, there are experiences in life that I wish, now that I’m older and greyer (haha), I had taken advantage of being younger. I wish I had gotten drunk, smoke a cigarette just once… to see what it felt like. To allow myself to get swept away in loves young dream… to see if that even exists. I feel silly even thinking like this, but sometimes I feel like although my appearance has aged, my soul feels like a 25 year old, and not a trace of anything else.



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