Tea point gesture

Today I went to the office tea point to grad a cup of water for myself and a fruit tea for a colleague. There was a member of the facilities team filling up the sugar sachet drawer, and topping up the mini UHT milk cartons.

There must have been at least 5 of us there, myself, the facilities Man, and three other people who work on the same floor. Everyone beavered around making their refreshments, some focussed on a single cup for them selves, others had a round for the team going on. I was watching while waiting for the fruit tea to brew a little. No one even acknowledged the facilities man. Not one hello, excuse me, or thank you. Almost as if he were invisible, and the tea point had automatic settings to fill up when stocks were low.

I was just a guilty for not saying anything.  One of the last to leave, as I removed the tea bag from the cup, I thanked him, and wished him a good day. He had the biggest smile! How many days had probably passed, and how many of those had he been ignored? How much effort did that take me? None, hardly any. Yet it has made some form of positive impact on someone’s day, even for a minute.

Why do we create hierarchies that are completely unnecessary? We are all human, we are all working, doing different roles, but that doesn’t make us any better or worse than anyone else. So then why can’t we be compassionate towards each other more. If small gestures can make an positive impact, then why don’t we just do it.



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