How dare you?!

I tend to think about writing, or actually write more when i’m feeling more negative emotions than positive. For my writing had always taken the form of therapy, without the awkwardness of someone waiting for you to actually speak.

So today’s emotion is anger, frustaration, detachment. Here’s some context, my family and I went out for a quick bite to each on Sunday night, less than 90 minutes later, and we are parked back up in the drive. Rushing to get into the house as child one, has decided they didn’t need the bathroom 20 seconds ago, but now, is struggling to hold it in. Anyways, I close a couple doors of the under stair storage area to get past them, and see the larder open, unassumingly I tendto my child. On double take I realise all the cupboard doors and a window was slightly open, someone had been in our home.

So first the fear sets in, were they still here? What had been taken? Thenslight relief of us all being safe, as we went upstairs to check, and rooms were ransacked, but apart from that no sight of anyone else around.

As my husband phone the police and we sorted the kids out, luckily my mother lives very close. I came back home and the only emotion I felt was anger. I was not upset, although this was the first time here, we had been burgled previously. My logical hat went on, everything is insured, and we are safe, but how dare they?

How can any human being young or old, good or bad even contemplate violating people like that? I believe even people who do this, do have a conscience…. they just choose to ignore it. I mean let’s be honest in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing, and people go through far worse things than this on a day basis.

The question is why does this violation keep happening?

How can anyone justify any and all violations? There is simply no excuse. Why do some people feel the need to do this and act like it’s nothing?

Due to a small minority of this world thinking like this, we are all slowly but surely loosing faith in humanity. There is no trust, no curtesy, just nothing.

And I have only one thing to say to all you violators, which is, what goes around, comes around. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day.



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