Actions of ease

What would happen if everything we did, every decision we made, was done thinking of others. Actions to make someone else’s life easier. Even if you didn’t know that someone else.

There are so many examples where we do this well and then in the same day or week, fall short of this. We might tidy up after ourselves when we are out, but at home we leave it for someone else on occasions to sort out. We might say “excuse me” to a stranger, and “move, get out of the way” to someone we know. We may respect our elders, but forget that we all should respect each other regardless of age.

How many times have we done something so that life would be easier for someone else? How many times, in retrospect, have we gotten a little annoyed when something could have been done to make our lives a bit easier too?

Japan is one country when actions for the ease of others, is literally a way of life. Signs don’t need to be put up, crime rates are low, and trust sky high. Why? Because everyone thinks of each other, whether they know them or not.

Less aggravation and kindness to others is what this world needs. How much more could we achieve showing move kindness and appreciation to people around us, in turn this would come back to us.

Show constant care to those around you, and eventually it will makes its way back round to you, maybe in an unconventional form, but care, kindness and awareness all the same.


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