Seep away

She took a breath, an deep intake,
She could feel her memories, and the mark they make.

Her memories of a place she thought she knew,
A place that was known only by a few.

Some may say, ‘A foreign land she saw’,
But in her eyes, not foreign, but everything she had hoped for.

She ran down the hill, and smelt the flowers,
A smile crept to her face, Who know her mind had such power.

When slowly she open her eyes, and realised was dreaming,
The sheets below her crisp, the floors were gleaming.

How long had she been there? she couldn’t recall,
Then from out of nowhere, she remembered her fall.

The memory of months, weeks and days,
The life before this on her mind plays.

So again, she takes a breath, an intake deep,
Away from her pain and memories allowed to seep.



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