To fake it or not?

Why do people talk a good game, but sit on the sidelines? Why do people say things they don’t mean and forget to say what they do? What’s the point when their bull***t makes it way round eventually anyways?

Just be upfront, be human, be real. So what if people don’t like you… they don’t have to live with you. Some may choose to, but they don’t have to. You have to live with you. With they things you say, the type of person you are.

How some people get through their lives riding high on crap, still baffles me til this day. If I can see they don’t have a clue, and others can too, why can’t the superiors? Soon that crap riding person will be very high up in the ranks. It makes me really uncomfortable to think what they could be earning, for knowing nothing. Ok slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

I admit that we are all responsible for our success to some extent. And we should develop our knowledge and expertise where possible. But when you sit at your desk working your butt off and then the crap riders swan in, it just makes my blood boil. A great networker, clearly! I’ll give them that. But that’s it.
I’ll respect you more if you’re honest, than blagging it.

We’re all obsessed with making and maintaining the right impression, keeping the interest, that we become fake versions of ourselves, in the hope to get noticed. This is in the office, as well as out and about in social settings. Some of us hate the idea of fake-ness, but can we honestly say we haven’t said or done something we don’t entirely agree with, in the hope to be liked more?


One thought on “To fake it or not?

  1. Your post spoke to me on so many levels. It reminds me too much of work and seeing sycophants succeed, while those with honesty and integrity are left behind. I don’t understand why leaders choose sycophants over honesty people. Its frustrating.

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