Wow, it has been a while… I hadn’t even realised how long, until I actually stopped to think about it. The days are just flying.

Soon it will be one year since we moved into our new home, as well as me being back at work from maternity leave. A couple of months after that, my little monsters will be celebrating their 2nd birthday, and I just wonder how do things pass us by so quickly, that you bearly get the time fully savour and enjoy them.

We all know that life is short when you are enjoying it, and long when you are waiting for it… so don’t wait for it, make it happen. Launch into something new, something different… to broaden your mind and self. Break the cycle and go and visit someone you’ve been putting off seeing, or go and eat st that restaurant you can’t seem to make time for, or go read that paperback and feel the pages turn, rather than flick a screen. Talk to people face to face, than via phone… you’ll  feel great, you’ll want to do it more.

Otherwise we’ll eventually become the antisocial socialists… neither here nor there.



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