Excite and stabilise

To what extent do we all really agree that variety is the spice of life? For the ones among us that do agree with this, but still live the same life day in day out… what are we actually doing to make things a little more spicy?

There are a lot of us that are very happy doing what we are doing, and living our lives in a similar way throughout. There are others that seek out excitement every day.

I have to say that I, myself belong to the first group. I would say I’m happy with what I have, I appreciate that our family has the same roof over their head, and that allows things to feel stable. However I’m not saying that I don’t want the anxiousness of the unknown, the excited scared feeling of doing something different.

Those very few that know me well, know that I like to challenge and mix things up a little. Those that know me from afar, let’s say, see the stability I described earlier. Neither is bad, but you need one to appreciate the other.

Right now, at this moment (22:15 on a Wednesday night), challenge myself to do something I usually wouldn’t or haven’t, once a week. We’ll still keep the stability, but let’s do something spontaneous, just because!

So I challenge you also, no matter how varied or not your lives are at the moment, change it up again, get that excited nervous feeling back, and sense that achievement whenever you’ve done what you want to do.




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