Who do you think you are?

Here’s something that bothers me… a group of people who sit behind me at work, seem to constantly have a problem with the member of the team who happens to not be in the office at that time. Now, I understand we won’t always get on with everyone in the world. But I am intrigued to hear someone talking badly about person A, only for that same person to talk badly about person B with the person A, for the world to hear.

Its understandable that sometimes we need to have a rant and get things off our chests, but by complaining about someone and their constant complaining, doesn’t that make one just as bad as the other? Also why try and make out that you’re better than everyone? We’re all the same, fighting our own battles, some are weak where others are strong, and vice versa, but that doesn’t make anyone better than the next. I hear some people talking about things happening in the office and their workload as if it’s the most disastrous thing to ever happen… it’s not. A child dying of malnourishment is a disaster, a flood wiping out people’s homes and lives us a disaster, an earthquake is a disaster. Being encouraged to work from a hot desk isn’t. Listening to a CD on loop isn’t.

I’ve been guilty of not taking a rant or two away from people to hear… so I’m most definitely not preaching here. I’m hoping some of what I’m saying can embed in my head too. It bothers me that I’m not discreet enough.

If you need to vent, take it somewhere private. As you make judgments about others, think about the fact that this gives people the opportunity to make judgements about your character too.



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