It’s you

I’ve been referred to as a busy bee… constantly buzzing around… careful not smack right into a metaphorical (or actual) glass door.

For some reason, on most occasions, I just can’t seem to sit still and relax. I’m either finding an endless task list to work through, or I’m going over things in my head. How many of us are doing very much the same… just a busy bumble bee, wanting to stop, mentally or physically, but we just can’t?

People have walked in and out of our lives, some we maintain relationships of kind, others not so much. We make an effort where we can, but what about the relationship with ourselves, with our souls and state of minds? Do we not owe ourselves a little effort?

How many times a day do we just sit or stand or walk, just trying to focus on nothing else but the breath that enters and departs our lungs, feeling every muscle contract, and release. Sending our own pulse…. being truly grateful for what we have.. above all, being alive. Not many, I imagine. But what if we just took between 30-60 seconds a day, or maybe even a week to start off with. We sat in a quite space, able cut ourselves off from and thoughts than just our wellbeing? Just inhaling and exhaling the life into you. Finish off by saying a genuine thank you for the time you’ve allowed yourself for you.

The most important person in your life, is you. If you are not 100% there for you, hoe can you be there for anyone else? Give yourself your time… and see. What’s the worst that can happen?



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