Not so sure

So a few months back I wrote about being a strong role model for my kids, showing them, especially my daughter that women can have it all… so how are things going?

Honestly…? It’s insanely hard. I knew it would be tough, but there are times, most days, that I feel like I’m below par in both my personal and my work life, simultaneously. I’m not able to give 100% in either arena. My kids hardly see me, my family try to understand, but I don’t blame them when they don’t, and I’m falling behind at work. I give every day my best shot, with true grit and determination, yet I feel like I’m failing.

So what’s the next step? What are my options? Carry on? Stop, and be a full time mumma, or a halfway house? Having gone through this in my head, and my heart, each are pulling me in different directions. So for now I aim to perserveer, make small changes here and there to give me a bit of breathing space. I can’t just quit anything, that’s just not me. The only one that can make this happen and work for me, is me. So until I win the lottery, let’s see where I get to.


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