Girls vs Boys

This evening I read an article on social media about an all-girl engineer team building a solar powered tent for the homeless.

First if all, a huge congratulations, what an amazing thing to have brought to fruition. Amazing! However, what is focus here? A solution for the homeless? Team recognition as opposed to an individual taking the credit? Or the fact that it’s a group entirely made up of girls? Should that even be the focus anyway?

Why is it seen as a surprise when it a group of girls do well, vs a mixed group or a group of just boys? Had the tables been turned the article title would have never read ‘All-boy engineer team……’ so why emphasise the girls? Almost like it’s a surprised reaction to the fact that women could be just as intelligent as men. Why is our society still so backwards? That once had the recognition given, is the highlighting of an all female group even necessary? Why not focus on the fact that these engineers are actually high school student? Surely, that shows the humanity, compassion and resourcefulness of the youth of today, in a somewhat negatively impacted world at the moment.

As an audience, including myself, we gravitate towards articles like this, which do catch attention, but again with the focus being taken away from the achievement, to the equality incorrect wording of the title. Like a magnet, we are drawn to many thing, just via our subconscious, which may start us off thinking about one thing and we then end up at a very different destination, on a journey through words that we hadn’t even anticipated.



One thought on “Girls vs Boys

  1. I guess they are attempting to underline the fact (that in my opinion requires no emphasis) that even without a man’s “help,” women could achieve what men can. These headlines make me cringe, but they are everywhere…the hallmark of a world driven by media.


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