Weighing it out

Why does the thought of committing to something or someone fill people with fear, while for others it’s something that they can’t even think of moving on without?

I do sometimes find it strange when it’s part time commitment. I mean, you’re are in it or you’re not… right? Can you flex between black and white… and linger on grey?

I’m not just talking about relationships, this is referring to all things we come across in life. Relationships are an obvious, with your parents, siblings, partner, children, friends. Also your job, your hobbies, your beliefs, music, your love or hate for marmite, the list could go on for days!

I do however think that those who do linger on grey, still have a slight pull one way or another. And although that pull may not be near 100%, it by no means can be at 50% either.

So my commitment to weight loss comes into question here. I clearly am making active changes to my diet. Not dieting, but making healthier meal choices. The problem I’m faced with is that I just love food! Haha. I’m not saying I gorge out on it, but I really struggle when faced with a piping hot pizza, and have to say no. It just isn’t going to happen, we just need to face those facts!

Soon after my husband and I got married, I put on a colossal amount of weight… now I’ve never been the slimmest of women… I had clearly gone overboard. My portion sizes increased as did my dress size.

A few years ago I met up with a friend of mine… my longest standing friend to date, we’ve been friends for 30 years and counting, (I have a limited friend count, but that’s a story for another day.). Who went out at a certain pizza chain told me about the evils of bread. Without really giving it too much though I just stopped eating it. Initially it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I quite enjoyed the novelty of it, and finding alternative lunch options. Not to mentioned feeling less bloated and physically lighter. And yes the weight did start to come off. I didn’t really adjust the rest of my diet, just reviewed my portion sizes, so never felt like I was depriving myself of anything. Slowly. It surely my bum index went from obese to overweight. Now not many would be thrilled to be overweight, but I was thrilled. It had taken a lot of discipline and commitment, but I had finally found what worked for me.

Whenever I feel my faith in myself faltering I always look back to this particular scenario, and although it’s not like I saved someone’s life, but it most definitely works to give me that sense of achievement.

We all have examples of commitment in our lives, however bit or small. All those examples can help you be even better than you think, if you allow yourself to be.



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