Passing Judgment

I jump on the tube this morning, a pleasant temperature, compared to the heat of the day to come. My day goes on, the temperature rises.. as I walk through the office I fell like I’m being transported to various locations. The stairwell becomes a glasshouse, toasty and warming. The walkway to the lifts feels like you’ve just disembarked a flight and are slapped in the face with the flat and heated tar smell in the air. Let’s not even contemplate how I’d have to had brace myself to leave the office and go outside. My desk serves as the cool retreat to from all the heat.

Looking at my brown skin, I see a perplexed expression on people faces when I say I don’t deal with the heat so well. I can tell in their eyes they just want to say, ‘but you’re Indian, India’s hot!’ The thing is, as with most people, you tend to acclimatise with your surroundings. I was born in the U.K., so that’s what my body is used to, however my Father, who spent the first 30-35 years in india, even struggles with the heat here 40 years on.

We are such unique creatures that we can, most of the time, just adjust and adapt… it doesn’t take a lot to create attachment and feel a sense of belonging, other than the desire to be there. There are some that choose to integrate and others that choose not to. It doesn’t make one worse or better than the other, it’s just a choice they have decided to make. There may also be the case where an individual or a group want to kntegrate, but the surroundings don’t allow it.

We all need to be considerate of the before passing judgement on others. Some may broadcast, and others remain private… but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their struggles, frustrations and grievances.

Everyone is fighting their own battle on the daily loop they call life.



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