Unreal Romance

A hopeless romantic to the core, I used to spend my teenage years lusting after a relationship with the guy of my dreams, filled with romance, wonder, friendship and love.

Having always been an antisocial butterfly, my days were spent in school/college and even university in the hope for someone to come and sweep me off my feet, to make me feel like all they could see was me, where I was their priority. Evenings were drowned in music dependant on my mood. However, if I love song came on… my mind would wonder off once again.

As years go by, people come in and out of your life. Your relationship need-state tapers and changes… obviously. You realise that what you thought you once wanted, you now don’t. What you thought you could live with, you now won’t. We alter as people and therefore our needs do to.

It doesn’t mean to say if you’re in a relationship, you just leave it behind and move on, because you want different things. Albeit that may have been what many of us may be guilty of in our younger years. Of course you work on moving in the same direction together. Sometimes that works, and other times time out may be required.

Over the weekend just gone, I was watching a film… yes a rom com – Bollywood style. Haha! and deep down inside there’s still that hopeless romantic, who I thought had faded away, but nope. After all these years she’s still there, getting swept up in the romance portrayed on screen, thinking about how cleverly made these films are, to just be able to transport you to somewhere unreal so easily.



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