Feel good

Every year our company offers up a paid day for individuals or teams to put towards some form of charity work.
Is this a strategic step, or genuine corporate responsibility?

There are obvious benefits to these days, starting off with the feel good factor. You’ll never walk away from one of these days feeling bad. Moreover your employer benefits by upping its corporate responsibility credentials. But the charity/communities that are also helped in the obvious ways, but at much more speed, and intensity.

Let’s have a think… putting task and result centric individuals, equipped with a job list, tools and instruction that it’s expected to be a laid back day, is only going to deliver more than is expected. That’s clearly a given.

Putting that aside, and from a personally perspective, these days are highly rewarding on an emotional scale. They endorse a lot more than just community spirit… team work, helping find skills I didn’t even know I had, showing people’s tender side that they may try so hard to hide, lol. Gives me experiences that I would otherwise not had the opportunity to be part of.

Some may still ask, are corporate charity day encouraged by the workplace just a tick box exercise? I think not. They are something that should be encouraged and completed far more than they are. They help us step out of our bubbles and genuinely appreciate the bigger picture.


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