Who runs the World?

‘You’re having a girl? Oh how wonderful, the goddess of fortune is coming to your home!’

In the Indian culture girls, well, all women are seen as goddesses (apparently). In my opinion this is statement hypocritical and flattering at the same time.

With the hundreds of gods and goddesses that are worshipped all over india, women are seen as the symbolism of these goddesses. Therefore when a baby girl is born, she is seen and welcomed into a household as the goddess of prosperity and fortune. On the other hand, in uneducated parts of the world they are killed, because they are seen as a burden.

It seems to be a belief of convenience, rather than of religion, or tradition.

There is still a very obvious nod towards to woman being the homemaker, the default parent, and the main sacrificer within a family unit. Why?

The frustration I feel is, if it weren’t for a woman, none of us would be here. Admittedly it takes a man and a woman to conceive a child, but it is the woman who chooses to carry it, and look after it through until birth. It is the woman who makes us!

My hatred is focussed in these uneducated parts of the world, where people think it’s ok to sell girls, to rape them, abuse and mistreat them, to think they are items and objects to own. What gives anyone the right to think that it acceptable?! What gives these people the right to mistreat those that were once individuals to be worshipped?



4 thoughts on “Who runs the World?

  1. Ignorance indeed, the key factor! Thanks for highlighting such an important social concern.
    Don’t you think the economic fear of a future dowry could be an influential variable?
    I love to talk to such people, talk about the news / views of successful women, and how proud we are of them.

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    1. Absolutely that is the start… However it comes down to the different roles of power are played out, where in those places women are considered subservient and weak, and men feel they are more significant and powerful. Yet if the same we’re done to their mother, as they are doing to someone else’s daughter/sister they would never be able to tolerate it.

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