Available accessibility

This morning I swiped my phone right, tapped in some numbers and unlocked a world of memories as I scanned through the photos and videos I had taken. How convenient and accessible all this has become…. The ability to record and capture a moment, to keep and share, to delete, discard and recapture. Give way to the self obsessed, selfie world.

I’ll be honest, never really a fan of pictures of myself, with or without other people in them, so never really got into selfie taking. Recently have tried a couple of shots as a family, only for one child to look one way, as my husband tried to stop the other one wriggling away, lol. So have kept them for memories sake, but still feel rather uncomfortable taking photos of myself. I applaud those that have the confidence to do so, and they do it pretty well.

Our wedding was a ‘just get on with it’ situation. We knew we weren’t going to get away without any photos taken, so we decided the best way, was to give in for the duration of our wedding celebrations.

Funnily enough, as much as we don’t like our photo taken I do wish we had a few photos, where both us liked how we are captured, just so we have some snippets of our lives recorded.

I know my children, especially my daughter, are heading towards this selfie obsessed group, she’s already tilting her head slightly and smiling when a family member goes to take a picture of her! With the way technology is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the mirror itself taking the photos as you pout and pose!



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