It’s up to you

How different we all are? Have you ever met someone that is exactly like you? When I mean exactly, I mean carbon copy… Probably not.

People say we are all cut from the same cloth, of the same design. Like a pattern cutter would cut a shirt. We are all born, and we will all, at some point, face death. We have created and developed many things as human beings, yet three things remain out of our control. Age, yes there maybe surgeries, exercise, diet, makeup for us to look younger, but that doesn’t mean we can stop the years adding up. Disease, it’s the most thoughtless and cold hearted thing to happen to us. We do not ask for it, yet it comes, can sometimes take over our lives, and our loved ones too, wreak havoc, and disappear, or it can stay with us forever, we try to ignore it, try not to let it win, but sometimes it does, no matter what we do. And Death, until we continue living on as robots, it’s safe to say that everyone will one day or another come to their end. Again we can try our best to be healthy, and happy, but if the end is near, no one can do anything to stop it.

This post isn’t meant to be depressing, or morbid. It’s meant to be realistic. For us, as human beings, in control of our lives, should live our lives out the way we want to. We should live in a fairy tale if that’s what makes us happy. Or move to a foreign land in search of adventure. Or tell that special someone how much they mean to us. Be different, be the same, be a unicorn or be a sheep. It is up to you to live your life how you see fit, and the rest will fall into place… Don’t worry, it may take a while, but it always does.



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