To be or not to be content

The wonder of what if? The magical question, that can lead to all kinds of things. Wonderful as well as disasterous.

I often find myself sat in the same place just stupidly overthinking everything. I ruminate about my life and seek out how to perfect it. I talk to people, imagine the best and even sometimes have found myself being grateful what what is yet to come, in the hope that however long it takes I will eventually get there.

There are certain parts of our lives, which we all look to constantly improve, even if it’s at a pretty point, we want more, we want better. I’m told to be content with what I have, but to make something happen, you have to want it. To want something, you have to feel a void, or a gap somewhere. If that is the case then how can you be content?

Passion, drive, determination are a combination of people not content with a certain aspect of their life, that they are looking to better, if not, perfect. If we were all content with life and it’s ways, would progression come to a halt? Does the sense of being happy with what you have, lead to settling, and not striving for more?

What if M&S were content with their penny bazaar? What if I was content in my previous home? What if we were content with our previous car? Nothing…or not much would have really happened. We wouldn’t know the people we know, we won’t feel the same way about things, life would be very different. We would be a scared, risk averse society to some extent.

Perhaps this sounds a little extreme, but that’s how my over thinking brain is ticking along…. So is not being content such a bad thing?



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