Imagination is such a powerful thing. It can be helpful, but can also be highly disruptive.

We idealise situations and encounters in our minds based on an expectation, which maybe from an previous experience, an edited version of others previous experiences, what books and films show us, and then overlaid by our ideals.

We then toil and ponder every possibility that may, or may not occur, all the time still hoping for the best. Playing out scenarios in our minds, rehearsals of what may be said.

Our imaginations can get us to a dream like state if we let it, we envision faces, sounds, colours, emotions, of something that hasn’t even occurred yet.

In recent times I put a lot of this blame on the entertainment industry. I know we all enjoy the escapism of films and literature. Our newest form of entertainment is social media. Friends and acquaintances post cutesy pictures of them and they perfect family, or their perfect selfie, partner, pet, home, holiday, etc. Not many broadcast their arguments, their failures, their misfortunes; there are always a few that do that too.

Our minds are drawn to positive news, we start comparing our lives with not the whole truth, of others’ lives. We feel like we are hard done by because we are single, or can’t afford a holiday, or are stuck in a rut at work. We forget that everyone has a balance of positive and negative that they go through. Just because they don’t say it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. For some reason our imaginations still seem to forget this, and we begin to imagine this picture perfect life that has just magically fallen into place. Then get frustrated at ourselves that it doesn’t always match up.

We need to remember that the bad makes us appreciate the good, the sadness makes us grateful for the happiness, our lives are a journey of discovery, and being different from everyone else is actually better than blending into a crowd.



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