We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Okay, so we did it… Our first holiday as a family. We strategically chose a location with a short flight, lots of resort amenities, and took any aides we could. These came in the form of grandparents as well as home comforts for the kids.

So my little ones, now nine months old, were definitely going to be a handful on the plane. Being used to playing freely, they struggled being held for such a length of time. Luckily out of a two hour flight, they spent 45 minutes to an hour sleeping. The rest was frantic, playing pass the parcel with two bubbas.

We landed and eventually arrived at our resort, which felt so far removed from our daily life, with it’s generous grounds, spacious suites, and glorious views of the Atlantic Ocean.

With the husband being a bit of a hotel snob, I find myself lucking out every time we go away on holiday (almost every time), although this holiday was definitely going to be an experience for us all.

The days were overall relaxing, trying to keep to the little ones’ schedules, and luckily only the first night was a little traimatic… Trying to sleep them in the cots provided by the hotel, was a no no. Thankfully we had packed their light weight travel cots, which fold out to a tent, so gives them that familiarity to settle in most places.

Everyone had an enjoyable time, most of all my husband parents, who were able to spend some quality time with the kids. At the end of the day, isn’t that was this is all about?…. Making memories.



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