Understand why

The delicacy of life, the web we weave to incorporate, out family, our friends, old and new, our colleagues. Sometimes, without even having ever met one another, they know each other.

Referring back to my last post, of reverting back to type, I often wonder if that is something we almost create as we’re meeting someone. How sometimes the people we are talking to at the time can help a decision, a conclusion, or maybe even a change of heart.

I know for a fact that I, myself do just that. It’s sometimes the aim to please, sometimes to keep the peace, sometimes to even disrupt the peace, and sometimes even to save a relationship that you’ve tried so hard to keep in tact. Those relationships are the most delicate of all, like a piece of glass, one slip up and it could shatter, but on top of that, you know that the shards of glass could also harm others. Hopefully most longer relationships are like wood, are simple, the least complicated, and would definitely stand the test of time.

I was also thinking of other things that can make relationships complicated. Religion, politics, superstitions among some of the topics that came to mind. So using superstition as an example; we’ve all been told about the seven years bad luck when breaking a mirror. When all mirror is really, is a reflective piece of glass. In my culture, if you break glass unintentionally, it is actually considered good luck, so what should I believe? A dilemma indeed!

I did a little research into the seven years of bad luck mirror breaking rumours. Not having any of my circle of family and friends making public about breaking a mirror, I’d like to say that I have, obviously not intentionally. Seven years have passed since, and I have say, a few bits of bad news, but hey that’s part of life. Apart from that, nothing too crazy, and no bad luck for those years gone by. Somethingo I found whilst reading was also quite interesting, that in the olden days (don’t ask me for a date), when mirrors were expensive, and unaffordable for everyone but the very rich, children were told about these seven years of bad luck if they broke a mirror, to discourage them playing near the mirrors. Since then, this rumour has turned into a superstition, and for some a major belief. I don’t criticise those that do belief this. For me I enjoy understanding how things like this come about. Unfortunately when I question certain beliefs, it is sometimes seen as me patronising and me trying prove it wrong. Maybe sometimes I do want to challenge why, other times, all I want to do it understand it better. This I have found can become an issue and a slight pressure point on some of my relationships.

To me it is important to understand why, rather than having someone elses belief cloud your own judgment. I would like to hope that my children do what they feel is right, be good people and live with integrity, what they choose to believe is up to them, as they journey through life.



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