Hi, how are you?

Today I was in the middle of a speedy grocery run around at a local super market, where I saw a girl, well now a woman, who used to be in the same year as me at secondary school. We were all of 2 or 3 feet away from each other, whilst both shopping for nappies, how glamorous, haha. We didn’t acknowledge each other, and continued in with our shopping.

We were not really friends in school, but then neither were we enemies of any kind. Just two girls with different friends, however, we knew each other by name and may have exchanged some form of a conversation in the seven years we were at school together.

It made me think, when we see people from our past, is it just natural to revert back to type, even though we’re all grown up. Why don’t we just say ‘hello, how are you?’ Just because we didn’t really speak then, why do we feel we can’t speak now?

This isn’t the first time, I’ve noticed myself in this scenario, another student from my business studies class was at a wedding, we both saw each other, but then pretended like the other one was’t even there…what harm would have it really done to smile, or wave? No one’s sat there tying you up to be best friends forever. It’s like it’s forbidden to forget the old relationship and start afresh. Am I the only one that feels like this?

Funnily enough, although I am sat here, making these statements, I’m just as much to blame, I did nothing, when I could have taken the first step, but I cowardly reverted back to the insecure girl from school.

That’s not even me, I am secure, happy in myself and with my life, so there’s no need for that insecurity to creep back in. It’s not even that much of a big deal in terms of speaking to that specific person, more about the behaviours that we as humans show, and to ask ourself why that us the case, how to grow up.



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