Oh and this….

Those that have read my first post know that I have become a mother recently.

I remember when we found out we were having twins, the general dos and don’t automatically came pouring in, most of which were highly appreciated.

The planner in me thought to do a bit of reading up, but I consciously didn’t want to over rely on things I found online, experiences that my friends and family had gone through proved a much better information source to me. My main salvation came from my husband and also one of my closest friends who happened to pregnant 2 months ahead of me, it was like I had my own special pregnancy coach! Loved it. Let’s call her L.

Overall, I had a pretty good pregnancy, considering I was carrying two bubbas. I thought I’d grow to be the size of a bus, but luckily my bump was nice and neat, which I think helped a lot with being active right until the day before the little ones arrived.

I had followed the bits of advice I’d received and avoided certain foods as you do. L and I were keeping regular tabs on each other, she helped me with the random things, to the more worrying questions I had. She reassured me when I was feeling insecure about things, she was my co-captain on my voyage into the world of motherhood.

As time went on, L went on to deliver a gorgeous baby boy, and was then joined by my two cheeky monkeys just over 2 months later. L and I had become friends at a young age, and now our kids would have the opportunity to do the same, how lovely that would be.

As I settled into my newest role as mother, still recovering from my c-section, I sat up feeling quite uncomfortable, and thought how come no one mentioned this.

I have, since then, had nearly seven months of gorgeous moments with my little ones, and but have had a few challenges. Prior to having them, I’d never even heard of these things being mentioned, so here’s my list of what I faced and what went on:

  1. Understandably a c-section hurts, I mean, come on, it is major abdominal surgery after all. However, being someone who’s never had any kind of operation before, I was completely unaware of the wind that gets trapped in. Not the burps from your bottom kind. It feels like when your shoulders, neck and back catch the wind. It’s so uncomfortable, sleeping is painful, nursing the babies was painful, even breathing properly was a struggle. Fortunately it only lasts about two weeks. Peppermint seemed to work a treat.
  2. Your hair falls out! Due to the folic acid you take and the hormones your body produces during pregnancy your mane become thicker and feels great. Take it from me, I have pretty limp rubbish hair, so I felt great having thicker hair to style. L asked me when she came to visit the twins, if my hair had started to fall out. I replied that it hadn’t, secretly hoping I was an exception and my better hair would stay. One month on, as the twins turned three months old, I looked in the plug hole after washing my hair, so upset at the amount that had fallen out. Unfortunately it lasted a while for me, but I can say that it now seems to have settled down, I feared I was going to need a hair transplant at the rate it was going, I was surprised there was any left at all.
  3. The three month sleep regression. My warning of this came from L also, I was thankful of being told about it. My two had had a couple of weeks pretty much sleeping through the night, I was counting my blessings, only to find out it was short lived. One twin grew out of it by themselves after a about three weeks, the other carried on needing a feed, so we thought, for the next three months! Sometimes once a night, sometimes twice. By 6 months my husband and I had decided to get this one sleep trained. I guess the reason one of the twins settled themselves so quickly was because we would offer them a dummy as a soother, which was enough for them, whereas my son decided the dummy was not for him, to the point of almost gagging when we tried to offer it previously.
  4. Controlled crying, feeling like the worst mother ever! I know there are many people in favour of this method and others that are completely against letting their children cry at all. I belong to the slightly more disciplined approach for my own personal reasons, because that is what’s work for me, but I won’t frown at those who prefer a softer approach as that is what works for them. As awful as it was listening to them crying, I knew it was for a greater good. Majority of the time, they now both fall asleep themselves, which in a world of multiples is fab. We have tough nights too, but they don’t seem that bad when it’s not every night.
  5. The tears. Call me stupid, but initially I didn’t realise that babies don’t develop tear duct right from the offset. So as difficult as it is when the babies are crying when they are small, I felt more of a sympathy for them trying to figure out this confusing new world that they had been delivered into, where as now when there’s tears falling from those gorgeous eyes I feel my heart breaking, and come very close to crying too!
  6. The continuous baby brain. I thought this only lasted throughout the pregnancy, but here I am, almost seven months later and still forgetting conversations I’ve had, things I’ve done. Bless my husband for his patience, he’s a saint. The other day I think I checked door to make sure I locked it about four times within 20 minutes. I’ve even resorted to writing lists for tasks to complete, I have no idea when this ends.

For now these are the things I’ve discovered people forgot to tell me. Lovely L has pre warned me about separation anxiety that is due to rear it’s head soon. Once that hits my husband and I will try and figure that out in our own way too.

Until then, I’m enjoyed being a mummy to my little munchkins, and spending time giggling and playing together.



2 thoughts on “Oh and this….

  1. this was a very organized n thought out piece. thanks for sharing. its wonderful to hear how your gf from childhood is also pregnant n coached you through this event in your life. you dont hear of those things happening very often. those are very BLESSED little babies ya’ll are raisin. i look forward to following your stories of raising the munchkins n blogging. take care. Claire 🙂


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