Inside the Fridge

What goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.

I’ve often had this funny vision of the food in my fridge coming alive when the doors are shut.

I giggle to myself as I imagine the tomatoes say (in a deep Spanish accent) ‘ay, courgette! Whad you doin’ downa there?’ And then the courgettes replying (in a sultry French accent) ‘I dunno, she just threw me in.’

I’m unsure as to why they have accents, and how I’ve determined whether they are male or female, clearly as mentioned I imagine the tomatoes to be male and Spanish, courgettes and spring onions to be French, the parsnips to be private school English, along with the cucumber and butter, I think of the eggs like little lights that change colour and have high pitched voices, the berries are the acrobats, the cheese is like a clown and the milk is the proud ringmaster of this circus that I have created, in my head….and in my fridge!

Most may say I’m a little mad, first in line would be my husband, but I love the fact that despite ‘being a grown up’, having a mortgage, a family and bills to pay, there’s still a part of my grown up mind that retreats back to lala land every now and then.

It’s not always about the circus in my fridge, sometimes it’s about the cars in the street, or the havoc being played by my children’s toys at night, haha.

In this crazy world of tension, competition, disloyalty, etc… I encourage you to find a little time to take a trip to lala land, even if it was only the couple of minutes it took to read this blog entry.



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