The Antisocial Butterfly

Is it just a Phase?

So I have been a mum to my little ones for coming up to six months now, and as many mothers will know, each day has its own challenges, trials and tribulations.

I’m known to be a little antisocial, especially when it comes to making new friends. I was never one to get involved with any NCT classes whilst being pregnant, and I am yet to go to any baby groups. Luckily I have a few friends who also have young children and newborns who have helped me feel my way through these first few months.

One evening while thinking about how many months had already passed, I felt my antisocial phase was holding my children back from being socialised, as such. So I made a plan, we would attempt swimming and sensory classes. I will phase in some form of ‘social-ness’, and try and make some mummy friends. My children will get the opportunity to interact with other babies and learn something new. As mothers we’ll always want to do the best for our children’s development, no matter how much it phases us.

I remember starting university, and a couple of days prior, having a bit of a chat to myself. I had intentionally chosen a uni that not a lot of people from my school were attending, having always been a wallflower, I thought this could be an opportunity to re-invent myself. Through school I had craved to be popular, I never was, so now with the skills of make up and hair straightening under my belt, I took my first steps of confidence into my first class. How long did that last? I hear you ask… A lot longer than I had thought. I was making more of an effort, talking to people more, participating more, not hiding behind the shadows of my friends. My highschool phase had ended. I can tell you, I was happy to close that chapter too!

Things have continued on a similar path since. There is still a little hesitation from time to time. I still get anxious in large groups of people, where I find myself retreating a little, and I still feel overwelhmed when I have to put myself out there. I’m even known as The Antisocial Butterfly AKA Moth at work, as I avoid overly social events, and gatherings.

It is now time to take baby steps back into the world that feels a little alien to me at the moment, to introduce my little ones to their environment, and hopefully lead them by example to interact, and become butterflies of the social kind.






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